26 October 2010


From the very beginning of my intuitive counseling work, I began to realize that nearly everyone who came in for help essentially reminded me of the same crisis points I encountered in my own life. During these times problems seem insurmountable in personal relationships, family situations, career as our lives seem to crumble. A lady I just recently talked with said that she felt out of the main stream current, swept up in an eddy, like a helpless person caught on a snag unable to get back in the flow.

It is moments like these that you might find yourself sitting down on the bed, head in hands asking the question, “How did this all come about? I feel crazy and out of control of my life. Nothing seems to work. I can’t handle it.” In short, you find yourself at wits end. You have come to a fork in the path of your reality; it is a critical point in life. It is like being out on the end of a limb and every effort to solve the problem only seems to cut it off. This crisis situation can be compared to an erupting volcano.


Let’s consider the volcano analogy for a moment and specifically the fact that volcanoes don’t just spontaneously erupt – they gradually build up from internal pressure deep within the earth. The bottom line is that they bring destruction when they go off. When we reach the exploding point, we too go off. However, keep in mind that deep emotional changes take place below the surface before we erupt. Volcanoes bring major destruction, but deep down tectonic plate shifts are rearranging the structure of the earth. In a similar manner, when faced with crisis - we are at an integral creative junction in our lives.


The telltale signs of these deep, internal processes can be seen in the form of the loss of job, spouse, friend, or the realization that our most dependable core beliefs no longer work. What we perceive in and around us is chaos. People don’t realize that at a deep, integral level of the self they are undergoing a major transformation. They are caught up in the throes of change. Like any change, it can be painful. At times like these people are faced with the fear of being drawn helpless into a whirlpool of swirling emotions that they can’t control. This is especially frightening for people who have problems adjusting to change. Struggling to remain in the safe womb of the past, they wish that time would stand still.

The cold truth is that from the moment we are conceived until the day we die we will continue to move onward like a ceaselessly flowing river and there is little we can do about it. Hence, struggling against the river’s flow will only increase the pressures from its momentum. Life teaches us that we must adjust to change and learn to flow with its current. Perhaps this is why many spiritual paths warn us of the futility of resisting and encourage us to adopt humility and a passive attitude; we must let go and let God lead us back to Source. Unfortunately, it isn’t always that simple.

Loneliness, isolation, fear and anxiety are surface indications of deep, internal issues which need to be resolved. Crisis and resolution are dual parts of one whole. For instance, when a baby cries we know that it needs changing, nursing or other forms of parenting. Like babies, during times of crisis we need help, although we may think we are able to deal with it by ourselves. The truth is, when we cry out in anguish we need someone who understands our situation.


That’s where the services of a gifted intuitive counselor are helpful. A wise psychic counselor can recognize the signs and help you address them accordingly. Remember that crisis is a divine call for holistic growth and release of your higher potential. Thus, change is good and the more intense the pressure - the greater the potential for constructive growth. Think of it this way, the more energy you have to channel into constructive change, the greater the probability for you to achieve your higher potential.

As an intuitive counselor I can see into the bigger picture behind the crisis and reorient your energies accordingly. Instead of being a victim of destruction during this period of crisis, I can help you channel this flood of energy into a constructive course.


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30 December 2009


TESTIMONIALS 09/12/2007Nahu's reading and counseling have changed my life in many positive ways. Iwas lucky enough to receive several readings over several months and found that each one uncovered hidden aspects of my self that were negatively affecting much of the potential happiness available in my life. Nahu's readings of me were direct yet gentle in application. He saw the total picture of the person I was and helped me to integrate positive energies I already embodied in more highly effective ways. By first affirming uncannily accurate aspects of myself, I found the trust and openness I needed to then assimilate the new psychic information help provided. After the readings, I found that I was able to reflect and act upon the new self-knowledge revealed by him and became a happier and less stressful person. Today I feel that my life has turned around to a new direction, which is allowing me to fulfill my potential in ways I never imagined would be possible. I highly recommend Nahu's psychic counseling to anyone seeking true insight. Nahu is highly professional, compassionate, and deeply connected to a rich source of knowledge that will invariably transform your life.

Wendell Hanna, Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Music Education and Bassoon School of Music and Dance College of Creative Arts San Francisco State University1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco CA 94132

"From the moment I set an appointment with Nahu I didn't realize that I'd be meeting with a true intuitive genius. Not only is he extremely accurate, he tends to answer the questions I had planned to ask before I even asked them. My life has been totally changed after my first meeting with Nahu. His skill of looking inside the body are remarkable and he truly is one of the most naturally gifted psychics in the world. A true talent. "
Actor-Agent-Entrepreneur-Beverley Hills, Ca. 2007. Jim Curtis—

Dear Nahu:

Thank you so much for my recent reading. My purpose and desire for the reading was general and overall vs. a specific indication of the outcome of a particular situation. I was looking for spiritual insights and not earthly outcomes. The reading was incredibly beneficial to me. Your connection with the beyond and ability to communicate higher qualities and purpose were wonderful. But it didn’t stop there. You went on to provide guidance, a personal sound bite and most wonderfully of all, ongoing guidance and encouragement. You don’t just teach oneness, you live it.

Thank you. Blessings~Lauretta Agolli Artist San Antonio, Texas August 22, 2007

I met Nahu some 32 years ago when I was in my late teens. My encounter with Nahu at that time totally changed the direction of my life. If it were not for him, I would have never entered the spiritual path, or learned how to develop my inner world. For many years I told all my friends that I had met one of the most gifted clairvoyants on this planet. I lost touch with Nahu for some 25 years until last year. He recently did a reading for me and his psychic and intuitive abilities had developed exponentially over the years. His approach to doing readings is very therapeutic; he does not tell you what you want to hear, but the truth that may be obscured by our own egos. His approach is aimed at helping you achieve integration and expansion of your identity; overcoming self-imposed limits and obstacles to your personal growth and development. A reading with Nahu is much more cost effective and efficient than going to a psychotherapist. I highly recommend him.

Ronald E. Purser, Ph.D.Professor of ManagementSan Francisco State University

Nahu recently did a reading for me and his psychic and intuitive abilities were extraordinary and his communication was also excellent. He is very sensitive to both physical and psychic issues and addresses all of the aspects of your life when he does a reading. His approach to doing readings is very helpful; he does not tell you generalities or what you want to hear. His approach is aimed at helping you achieve integration and expansion of your identity; understanding your view and opening it up to overcome negative self thought and image. He helped identify obstacles to my personal growth and development. Nahu's approach provided the insight and comfort sometimes associated with psychotherapy, but it was more efficient, only needing one reading instead of years of self-analysis. I highly recommend him.

Julia Bussey Senior Scientist
Geomatrix Consultants 2101 Webster Street Oakland, CA 94612

Good Morning Dear Nahu:

I wanted to share this with you and I wanted absolutely without doubt to give gratitude to the universe and to you and for you. Your most recent email suggesting that something wonderful would be happening in our lives very soon arrived in the form of an opportunity for my husband to become a consultant to a Swiss company. He would do assignments for them here in the U.S. What I am saying is 'Root, root, root for the home team'. It is with your guidance, insights and mastership that we were encouraged and enabled to reach a space of peace, tranquility and knowing in order to create the space for the 'birth and arrival' of the next wave of life for us on this plane. As for myself personally, I am getting visions of artwork that is being conceived and fertilized in the beyond and trickling into my consciousness...like the lifting of fog, the images and concepts are flowing. Its hard to describe, but the quickening is so exciting. I also, like yourself (please correct me if you feel I'm off target) feel a calling to resume some spiritual healing practice. There is a heat and throbbing in my arms and hands that has become quite powerful.
In 10 days I will go to SD for a couple of weeks to visit my husband and then will again return to SA. By the middle of December we will both be here together. We are filled with gratitude to the universe for providing for us with such abundance and love and we are as well in gratitude that you are part of our lives.

Blessings to you, Love & Light,

Ever since you saw my wife's mother and did that healing--she has made, according to doctors and nurse-- a "miraculous recovery". She has regained her mental acuity (no longer delusional), she is now walking, going to physical therapy, gaining weight, and active. They said they have never seen anyone in her condition and age make such a swift and dramatic recovery.

Tom--Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile